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We are a UK based company located in the North West of England. We are the leading suppliers of Social Media Marketing services in the UK.

Who we are?


elcome to Social Madness – The leading Social Media Marketing services supplier in the UK. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality Social Media Marketing services and we have done since 2011. We are based in the North West of England. Prior to entering this industry we was a well established SEO company (which is still active) but decided to broaden our expertise in to the Social Media World and we have done well so far.

Up to now we have served over 4000 happy customers and rising. We deliver excellent support to our customers unlike many other providers who simply take your money and you don’t hear from them again. Aside from our customer service, we deliver extremely high quality services – unmatched from any other provider in the UK. We take pride in our services and we have set a high standard across the industry.

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